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Hip Hop

This is the most modern dance style of all. It is a high-energy class that inspires students to step outside their comfort zones and bring their own style and character into the dance floor.

Learners can observe and develop their unique and personalized movements. Since it is upbeat and powerful, students may need to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves. Hence, they are encouraged to have proper body conditioning and rigorous warm-up to keep them up and about with every intense movement.

Musical Theater

A musical theater has 3 different components – dancing, singing, and acting. It is the most rounded performances in arts, and considerably, the most fun and the most challenging one at that.

A learner in the musical theater class needs to develop these three components before fusing them into a single, spectacular performance. He/she will be learning the different techniques of dancing, singing, and acting. Our classes utilize well-known musicals to make it easier for young learners to adapt and transition into this training – make sure to sign up using your email.

Besides knowing the fundamental skills involved in musical theater performances, students will also be taught about the importance of audience impact, audience connection, and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.


Lyrical dance (or also referred to as interpretative dance) is a combination of jazz and ballet. It allows dancers to express their emotions and interprets music through their choreography and movement. This class helps students express their sentiments derived from lyrics. They will translate these emotions to convey the dance’s meaning.

These kinds of dances tell a story through movements. Students that have received prior training in ballet can easily move forward with lyrical. However, everyone is still welcome to develop their lyrical dance techniques.