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Whether you are an aspiring dancer or a natural-born talent and want to advance your skills, then you’ve come to the right place.

Marten Spangberg is a local dance studio. We are known as the home to many of the passionate performers. We have been helping budding professionals up their dance game and cultivate their skills.

Why Choose Our Dance Studio?

Dancing is more than a skill. It is an art. It a passion. 

Our dance studio has been providing safe and effective dance program for several years. Marten Spangberg’s offers artistic excellence through quality dance education and performance. We prepare budding dance professionals, performers, and interested individuals to develop the skills needed to further their career growth and opportunities in dance and performing arts without spending much money on cheap hotels for groups to save.

We promote more than just dance. We inspire people to become their very best versions. 

Maybe you want to develop a new hobby. Maybe you want to improve an existing skill. Maybe you wish to turn your dance passion into a career. Whatever goals you may have, our studio welcomes you and helps you make your dreams come into fruition.

We have an unrivaled flair for talent. We know that with continuous practice and dedication, any student can graduate from our program becoming 10x a better dancer than when he/she started joining with us. 

Our studio offers a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. We make it possible for students to focus on their craft. We boast a wide dancing floor, so they can easily move around and practice their moves. Some exciting features about our dance studio include the following:

  • Wide and large dance hall
  • Non-slippery floors
  • Full-length mirrors
  • High ceiling
  • 360-degree sound entertainment
  • Clean and polished surroundings
  • Locker rooms 
  • Powder and/or changing area
  • Well-kept comfort rooms
  • 24/7 security

We hold different classes at different dance specialties. It is best to register with us early to ensure a spot.

Marten Spangberg: The Dance Guru

Our dance studio offers classes and lessons. It is handled by none other than the respected Marten Spangberg. His rich talent and expertise have helped many performers over the years near airport. He has the patience and dedication to mold the students, so they too can forge a successful dance journey ahead.

His gift for dance has been cherished by the studio, the students, and all his works and projects. Marten Spangberg has become one of the most respected choreographers in the industry. He has curated many victorious performances and even published a book.

Through his unrelenting efforts in the industry, he was able to cultivate a community of dancers and families that support each other through practices, auditions, recitals, and competitions. That’s why attending classes in our studio offers more than just museum tickets; new dance moves and honing old techniques. Here, we socialize. We build lasting relationships. We are a family.

Come and dance with us.

If you have any inquiries about our studio or our dance master, please feel free to talk with us. We can speak directly via phone. Or you may send us an email. Best believe that we’ll reach out to you shortly.